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Hardware teaching resource

  1. Computer classroom
    • Room 204、210,Yun Qi Building ,For computer related courses.
    • 204 Computer classroom This is an image
  2. Informatization Desk
    • Classroom built-in informatization desk 、 Projector and Projection screen 。
    • normal classroom
  3. Distance learning classroom
    • Room 301,Yun Qi Building,Built-in video equipment, support for synchronous video conferencing, can be used as a place to implement distance learning。
    • For venue reservations, please contact the Office of General Affairs。
    • 301-1 301-2
  4. Language Laboratory
    • Room 102,De Xiang Building,Computers combined with  language teaching systemsto assist  teachers to multimedia teaching。
    • For venue reservations, please contact the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures。